Project: Necronomicon 

(Before I start, let me just say that I love how Autocorrect and Google automatically know that the Necronomicon is a thing!)

I decided this evening to get going on my very own, top-of-the-charts, awesome Raimi-inspired Book of the Dead. Found a handy guide on Instructables and a fortunately-sized piece of cardboard in a TV box. Determined that parchment paper would be a funky material for pages because a) I didn’t want to wait on going to the dollar store to get easily-ripped scrapbook paper, and b) parchment paper looks freaking gorgeous when it’s been browned in an oven or stained by tea. At the moment, it keeps wanting to roll back into its storage shape, but I’m hoping that being stuck between the covers will convince it to behave. 

I ended up hand-sewing the binding instead of taping because I am a masochist who goes for detail! And I couldn’t find the duct tape until later. And the shipping tape wasn’t sticking to the parchment paper.

Looking creepier! The instructions said to add wrinkles with more duct tape. Result:

My son says it looks like a girl at the spa, wearing a mud mask while talking about other people. 


Tomorrow I will start the covering process. The instructions say to use masking tape, but I’m feeling wild and crazy — going to run with layers of papier mache, using glue and water with paper towel or toilet paper. In my mask-making experience, the effect is really good, creating a nice texture as long as the pieces have ripped or jagged edges (vs straight). Plus, the added bonus of a bit of pores showing here and there! 

After that dries, I will have at it with paint, singe and brown the pages, and then research the spells and diagrams for some awesome authenticity. 

Gods, I love Hallowe’en! 

(Small voice whispers: I’d love it even more if I had a clean house and all our decorations out . . .)

Addendum: my daughter just saw it! She looked horrified and told me I was weird, but that may have been due to the creepy chuckle I was giving. Muahahaaaa!