Book Review: Blood of Luna, by Maya DeLeina


There was so much to enjoy about this juicy, naughty, spicy erotic romance… It was truly my guilty pleasure last month, heating up the last cold month of winter. Maya DeLeina offers up a delightfully ambitious serving of sensual delights combined with unexpected and fascinating plot twists. She delivers a wholly original treatment of vampires — difficult to achieve successfully in today’s literary world — and took me away from my landscape of snow and ice to the gorgeous beaches, mysterious caves, and heady pleasures of Hawaii with her beautiful descriptions.

I don’t normally read erotica, but delving into DeLeina’s words was like indulging in an exotic chocolate dessert while lounging on silken cushions by the pool, or bathing in a luxurious bubble bath… And I have to say that my favourite character was Icky, the snake. DeLeina’s depiction of Luna’s exotic pet is beautiful — the animal is the best treated fictional invertebrate I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about, bringing me back to my own daydreams of having an in-house terrarium for a nice big snake.

If you decide to pick up this instalment of her Naughty Vampire series, make sure you have a lovely glass of wine and a candle lit for ambience. And a fan, for the really steamy bits. 😉

Caution: this is NOT a safe romance! Explicit, graphic imagery is involved.

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