Epic (Friendly) Sibling Rivalry: Jump Rope for Heart Fundraising!


Shameless Plug: Both of my children are definitively school-aged, at 13 and 8 years old, and they’re involved with various activities. They’ve both elected, on their own and without any urging from me, to help raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation through the Jump Rope for Heart endeavour.


Want to help out by donating online?

To help the 8 year old best her brother, click BRIDGET!

To assist the 13 year old in maintaining the order of the world, click JACK!

I’ll try to post pictures of the kids doing their Jump Rope activities as we go. Thanks so much for checking this out — supportive comments are welcome below! 

*For more information on the Heart and Stroke Foundation‘s annual school fundraising drive, please go here: http://jumpropeforheart.ca/learn-why-we-fundraise.php