Cast your vote for my cosplay this coming weekend!

Been thinking lately about my potential cosplay choices for Ottawa ComicCon. (When I brought it up to my hubby, I wish I’d recorded his long-suffering sigh.) Of course, I’ve left it to the last minute, and funds are tight, so that leaves my options with some limitations. And there’s no real need to dress up, but it’s fun, dammit! So here are three possibilities:

Outlander-Geillis-Dress-03042015xlTSRk3xyVqexu5NpL1f4p6gh-dEvt8nqoG8-Mg6w6E1) Geillis Duncan — this was a suggestion from my dear friend and fellow writer Tara Fox Hall. I do enjoy this Outlander character quite a bit, although I haven’t got the time it would take to tailor the specific pieces needed for a complete costume, plus I anticipate that it’s going to be hot in the EY Centre. So I’m contemplating something along the lines of Geillis’s midnight spell-casting outfit, worn in the woods: a white arisaid worn over the shoulder and belted at the waist, something like a toga. What makes hers stand out is the beaded eye brooch on the shoulder. Mind you, I’d have to put on something else underneath for propriety, but it would be nice and cool, and something different amidst the great crowds of cosplayers.

Unfortunately, though, I’d also need a wig for the look, and PDQ. Not sure how that’s going to play out. So, option 2 . . .

2) “There’s something on your back!” ae0f48fce4ac0d3e4f745a1abc3c27b7— Donna Noble’s alien hitchhiker from the episode “Turn Left” is another interesting idea, something simple that I could do with ordinary clothing. Heck, if I could get a Union Jack t-shirt, I’d be rocking it Rose Tyler-style, mashing up the companions! I could see making this oversized-bug out of black duct tape, maybe, over an actual backpack or using papier-mâché.

3) Hubby suggested the final option: going as Mrs. Foster from another great Donna Noble episode, “Partners in Crime”, with my daughter’s Adipose along for the ride. He thinks I could make a little baby-carrier for it. I might be able to do something with my hair to look like the character, who also wore glasses, but I don’t have any straight skirts at the moment that would work. Still, there’s something somewhat appealing about going blonde again . . . And I wouldn’t need a wig, just an hour or two at the salon! Unknown-2Unknown-3


So, what are your thoughts, faithful readers? Cast your votes! Should I go light and saucy 18th century Scottish witch? Simple(ish) futuristic sci-fi prop? Or professional foster mother of alien babies made from human fat?