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Ladies and gentlemen and those in between, I present to you the cover for my upcoming release, the third and final instalment of the Talbot Trilogy:


I’m so thrilled and pleased with this design by Caroline Andrus — it says everything about the power of the women in this book.

To celebrate, I’m offering a giveaway of the full trilogy, signed print copies of Wind and ShadowBlood and Fire, and Crystal and Wand, to be sent to the winner as soon as the print copy is available. Comment below over the next seven days, and I’ll make the draw on Saturday next week!

And if you need a reminder of what the book’s about, here are the blurb and an excerpt:

Lovers reunite, and are torn apart. Bloodthirsty fiends battle for control of an army of the undead. With the community of Talbot frozen under layers of ice and snow, the domination of the vampire coven seems certain, but in the eye of the storm, the witches and the vampire hunters search desperately for the means to bring an end to the violence that threatens to take over more than one small, sleepy town. Will Rayvin and Charlotte be able to work together, combining their skills in magick, to prevent the loss of more innocent lives?

He swiveled her stretcher around and rolled her into another room nearby, connected by a sliding door. Here, she saw a massive bed covered in white silk sheets, fur rugs and tables covered with candles. There was even a mirror on the ceiling. She recoiled, tugging feverishly and uselessly against her bonds.

Instead of taking her to the bed as she feared, he pulled again to the right, and stopped her in front of a bank of six small flatscreen TVs. The views changed every ten seconds or so, until he tapped a few keys on a small black keyboard. Then, each TV focused on the hospital lobby, where Grant and Malcolm sat glaring at each other below the hidden camera.

“I have eyes and ears all over this hospital, Rayvin,” he told her seriously. “I knew you were here the minute you showed up. I honestly kept expecting Grant to figure it out and come charging down here, but guess what? The wolf-man’s got a stuffy nose!” Jason snorted and pressed another few buttons.

The lower right flatscreen changed to a time-stamped view of the lobby, reversing its recording until Charlotte, Marcy, and Siobhan were walking backward into the room and facing the men. Here, Jason paused the video. He drew up a black leather office chair and sat in it, his arms folded.

“Where do you suppose they were going, Ray?” He mused, tilting his head back and forth. “You don’t think Malcolm de Sade, the dethroned and disillusioned, spilled a little secret to your band of allies, do you? Something about the Talbot Classic Theatre?”

Rayvin pulled so hard at one of the cuffs that she felt her skin chafing under its padding.

“I don’t know why you all think I’m so stupid. I know, Rayvin. I know about the vampire hunters from that stupidly named Society. S.H.I.P.—really? That makes no sense at all.” He got up and walked around the viewing screens. She heard a refrigerator door open, and when he came back around, he was sucking on a bag of plasma like it was a slushie.

Her stomach clamped at the sight, which made a little more of her own blood leak out and the after-pains surge once more.

“You’re really very tempting, you know. The smell of fresh blood is driving me nuts. You don’t mind if I eat in front of you, right?” He flopped back into his chair, clicking buttons again. The camera zoomed into the women’s faces, frozen on the screen. “You’re now wondering how I know about all this. Don’t worry, in a few minutes you’ll find out. I have a very reliable source.”

“So they’re walking into a trap, aren’t they?” Rayvin found her voice at last. “The Classic. You have people waiting for them there, don’t you?” It was really more of a statement than a question, but Jason nodded slowly in answer, still sucking on his snack.

She wanted to tell him something brave. She wanted to defy him, announcing that Marcy, Siobhan, and Charlotte wouldn’t fall for it, that they’d sense their enemies before the trap was sprung. Grant would sense her peril at any moment and come to her rescue. But the words dried up in her throat, and her eyes welled with tears. She turned her face away, willing herself to get back in control.

“Okay, I think that’s it.”

She heard Jason toss the empty plastic bag into a wastebasket. He turned her stretcher once more, so quickly it made her dizzy again, and pushed her back past the fish tank and his nurse shark, all the way to the hallway.

“I’m tired, Rayvin. You’ve got me up past my bedtime. I interrupted my sleep to play host for you, but I need to go back to dreamland for a bit. Thank god for the short days of winter, eh?” He chuckled, whisking her down another hallway. This one was lined with cinderblocks and unpainted wooden and steel doors. “I’ve watched enough movies to know what mistakes to avoid as the villain, but at the same time, I understand why the dastardly fiend needs to draw out the moment rather than ending it quickly. There’s so much pleasure in just relishing satisfaction, you know? So I’ve got my cameras ready, because I’m really exhausted and I can’t keep my eyes open much longer.”

He brought her to a stop next to a door marked “Boiler Room”.

And then he pulled a knife out of his pocket.

“It’s been more than ten years, Rayvin, since you paralyzed me and left me to rot in my chair.” Jason leaned over until his face was even with hers. He whipped off his patch to let her see the whole of his ruined eye. “And a couple of weeks ago, your boyfriend maimed me for the remainder of my after-life. So I’m thinking Code of Hammurabi. Remember, from Intro to Law?”

He shifted her body with one hand, reached under the blankets with his knife, and forced it deeply into her lower back. She shuddered and shrieked, the pain in her womb eclipsed by the agony of her muscles and tissue shredding. He sawed back and forth, cutting at her spine. She arched her back, trying to get away, screaming.

Something inside her gave way, snapping apart, and then for the second time in four hours, she blacked out.

Once again, comment below over the next seven days, and I’ll make the draw for a complete signed set of the Trilogy novels on Saturday next week!

Fall into Romance chat at Coffee Time Romance’s Latte Lounge — Join Me!

I’m giving away a set of hand rolled candles, and a signed print copy of Wind and Shadow: Book One of the Talbot Trilogy. Plus, I’ve posted a naughty 18+ excerpt for your enjoyment. But I’m not the only author online today — you can also meet writers Tara Fox Hall, TD Jones, Lynette Sofras, Paula Martin, John Steiner, Mysti Parker, Jenny Twist, and Bev Haynes.


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July 29: I’m on the V-Spot Blog

Oh, what a glorious Monday it will be! I’ll be rubbing virtual shoulders with vampire authors on perhaps the greatest vampire fiction site online!

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Giveaway plus Interview equals ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!

Page Trotters is hosting a giveaway of my debut novel, Wind and Shadow — check it out, enter, and leave a comment:

Page Trotters

And, Indie Author Land is interviewing me this Wednesday, July 22! Make a note to stop by and say hello!


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Lady Amber’s Reviews Blog Hop!

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There be give-aways and prizes celebrating indie authors and self-published writers, lads and lassies! The hop is happening from July 3 to July 10, and then the winners will be announced on July 11.

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Now, for my part:

I’m giving away a prize pack! WindShadowFinal2
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Enjoy the excerpt, watch the book trailer, and then enter the draw!

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From Chapter 6 of Wind and Shadow:

One moment, she had been looking daggers at him; the next, she was crying; then suddenly, she was throwing herself out the door, looking for all the world like she was going for his eyes. Grant’s reaction was one born of years of police training: he instantly stepped back on his heel while simultaneously looping one hard arm around her waist, grabbing her wrist with the other hand and lifting her bodily off the ground. She shrieked, and without stopping to think, Grant moved quickly into the house, slamming the door behind them with one foot before turning to brace her against the varnished wood surface. She struggled and bucked, swearing a blue streak, but unable to break his hold, finally slumped against the door.
Grant became aware of his proximity to her barely covered, damp and heated body, and looked her over carefully to determine whether it was safe for him to let her go. He’d been up and active for almost fifteen hours, but the adrenaline coursing through him now made him feel wide awake.
The decision to come and see her after his shift, rather than going right to bed like his body wanted, had been the right choice. He’d eaten, showered, and changed, stalling for time while his reserves kicked into gear—it would not have been a good idea to show up at her doorstep exhausted, hungry, and in the uniform he’d been wearing while chasing after animal killers. Waiting until midmorning had also allowed him to think over what he was going to say. He hadn’t expected their conversation to go quite like this, though.
“All right?” Grant rumbled, seeking her gaze. He was close enough that his breath ruffled the few curls which had already dried over her face. And he could see the tears now drying in sparkling tracks on her high, flushed cheeks.
“Done with the tantrum? If you’re going to keep fighting me,” he continued when she didn’t respond right away, “I can hold you for as long as it takes. Or I can charge you with attacking an officer of the law, even if I am off- duty. I don’t think you’d like being taken to the lock-up dressed like this.”
At that, she whipped her head up, spearing him with the fury in her eyes. He resisted the impulse to flinch, but didn’t release her from his tight grip. She was wrestling for control, he could tell; her face was flushed, her nostrils flaring and her teeth were bared. Her back arched under his body. Her face was so close he could see little flecks of gold and green in the grey of her eyes. She smelled sweet, like berries and cream. Her skin, nearly dry, was soft and pliant under his hands. His thoughts were barely coherent.
She wasn’t the only one wrestling for control.
Rayvin’s head tilted back against the door, landing with a soft thump. The towel protecting her modesty was now only held in place by the pressure of his chest. Her eyes glittered as her tongue darted out to moisten her lips before she spoke.
“Michaels, I’m not going to attack you—because then you wouldn’t be able to get my cat back.”
“Your cat?”
“You didn’t notice a small, furry black animal brushing past your feet? My, you were distracted, officer,” she sneered, holding herself rigidly in his embrace. “I think you need to work on your powers of observation. Yes, it is your fault that my cat has gotten away. She’s a house cat, a rescue; she won’t be able to effectively defend herself against other animals out there. I was trying to catch her when your uber-sensitive policeman reflexes took over. And there’s some creep out there, murdering people’s pets. So you’ve currently got two options. One, you get your ass out there and find my animal, which will prevent me from calling your superior and making a complaint regarding harassment. Or two, you leave now, and never come back, and I won’t call your superior.”
He tilted his head slightly, considering. If a woman could shoot lasers from her eyes, he’d be pile of ash right now. She clearly meant business. Still, he held his grip.
“The way I see it, there’s a third option. Imagine, for an instant, how that phone call will go. You’re new in town, but your name rings a bell for him. He checks up on your background. Meanwhile, he knows me, trained me, and I’ve never once had a citizen complaint against me in eight years on the force. I’m not saying this to threaten you, or discourage you; you have every right to make that phone call. But in the end, you know how it’s going to work out. Do you really want that headache, and the bigger one that will happen when you end up frustrated and pissed off?”
He saw the change in her expression for a moment when reality hit her, and admired the supreme effort it must have taken to close that expression down; this was a woman, he had to admit, he would not like to play poker with. Or, perhaps he would. If it were anyone but her, he might relish the challenge of pushing the control to its breaking point.
As her breathing slowed, and her posture relaxed, Grant adjusted his stance. “Okay?”
Rayvin, still holding his eyes, nodded.
“Good.” He let go of her hands, and took a step back.
“I’m sorry about your cat,” he started to apologize, turning for a moment
to scan the residence. He had just enough time to for an impression of scattered, opened boxes, when his sight was cut off by damp, scented terrycloth descending over his head. Before he could react or think, the floor had rushed up to meet his body as it was slammed down by what had to be the brilliantly executed sweep of a perfectly sexy leg; the towel was twisted tightly at the back of his head, and one arm pinned beneath him, the other held with surprising strength at an awkward angle.
In the enforced darkness, Grant couldn’t suppress a quick grin. He couldn’t deny it—he admired this woman and her ability to take care of herself. Her petite, soft and fragile outward appearance concealed intelligence and strength, and fearlessness. Her confidence and capability were intriguing him. Just what was it that made her tick? It was too bad they had this past between them, this lust for disaster in her. In another life, he would have enjoyed sitting down and having a conversation with Rayvin Woods. Getting to know her, in more than one way.
He found himself having to concentrate when she started talking. For some reason, he couldn’t get the picture of this unexpected turn of events out of his head. She had thrown her towel around his head and was now straddling him on the floor . . . which meant that she was definitely, completely unclothed.
“Grant, you didn’t seem to hear me before.” Rayvin twitched the towel. “You left me little alternative. But if getting physical is your best method of communication, what other choice do I have?
“I’m not here to threaten you, or your little town. I just want to live in peace. With my cat. Which you let out of the house. And since options don’t seem to work with you, you no longer have a choice. Leave me alone, and I won’t trigger an investigation which will cause you more headaches than it ever would me.” His body was still under hers, commanding his attention. “I’ll say it again; I don’t know or care what you think you saw. As far as I’m concerned, this conversation is over. I’m going to get up, you’re going to leave my towel right there on the floor, and without turning around, you’re going to get up and let yourself out. You think I’m angry now? Watch what happens if you test me.”
She released her hold on his arm, lightly jumped to her feet, and walked around the corner of the stairwell, to listen as he followed her instructions.
Grant’s face burned, his voice tightly controlled. “It’s not over, Rayvin.” He let the door slam shut behind him.

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The winner has been chosen, and it is Tiffany Riach! Congratulations! Thanks again to all who came and participated in this giveaway and blog hop — cheers!

Book Release Party July 7!

Celebrate with me the release of Wind and Shadow: Book One of the Talbot Trilogy, with games, prizes, and giveaways on July 7 from 12-5 pm:

Prizes and giveaways include:
Wind and Shadow bookmarks and pens
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PLUS: Every comment is an entry into a draw for the Mystery Prize! (hint: a special necklace only available from is included!) Note: If you live outside of Eastern Standard Time, don’t despair — you are eligible for this terrific gift box! (pics to come, she whispered mysteriously…)


*note: event rescheduled as of June 26 to July 7

Hearts in Exile by Mysti Parker — Cover Release Party!

mysti cover reveal

From the author of the fantasy-romance Tallenmere series:

Let’s get in gear for the June 3 release of Book Three in my stand-alone fantasy romance series! I’ll be revealing the cover of this book, designed by the talented Caroline Andrus AND there will be prizes, games, music, and a heck of a lot of fun. 

Loralee, Sir Robert, and the dragons of Draekoria are waiting for you!

On Friday, May 24 from 5:30-9:30 PM EST, I want to show off this beautiful cover, so please join me for a night of prizes, games, music, and merriment! Share this event AND bring a friend! 

Schedule/Prize List:

Cover Reveal, Blurb, Trivia / Weekend Spotlight OR Interview

Song & Excerpt

What’s Your Dragon Name? / Notebook & Mug

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Song & Excerpt

Share the Cover / Signed Print of Hearts in Exile

Song & Excerpt

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Join the Party HERE:

To learn more about Hearts in Exile and the Tallenmere Series, visit Mysti’s Goodreads page:<a

* * * * *

Hey — If you missed it, here’s the cover… It’s completely fabulous! I can’t wait to read this one.


Serenya’s Song NEW COVER Reveal!

cover party pic

I’m delighted to have Mysti Parker tell you about her latest project:

Author Mysti Parker

Author Mysti Parker

Serenya’s Song, Book Two of the stand-alone Tallenmere fantasy romance series, was born in April 2012. To better reflect its place as the darker middle-child of the series, cover artist Caroline Andrus and I tore the original cover down and redesigned it! Special thanks goes to KY photographer Alicia Carlton and KY model Courtney Leigh Collins for providing a beautiful image for Serenya! 

On Sunday, April 28 from 5-9 PM EST, I want to show off this new beautiful cover, so please join me for a night of prizes, games, music, and merriment! Share this event AND bring a friend! 

Schedule/Prize List:

Cover Reveal, Blurb, Trivia / Weekend Spotlight OR Interview

Song & Excerpt

What’s Your Hobbit Name? / Notebook & Mug

Song & Excerpt

Add Your Own Caption / 4 E-Copies of Serenya’s Song

Song & Excerpt

Share the Cover / Signed Print of Serenya’s Song

Song & Excerpt

LIKE & Share / $25 Amazon Gift Card

Join the Party HERE:

To learn more about Serenya’s Song and the Tallenmere Series, visit my Goodreads page:

Update: The new cover is OUTSTANDING!


4/20 — Enjoy a Latte and some Vampires with me!


This is an all day Eloop chat at The Latte Lounge at Coffee Time Romance featuring the work of Vampire Book Realm Authors. Over 30 VBR Authors will be participating in the event.

Denyse Bridger- Special Giveaway
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Special Giveaways and Packages Include: Signed Trading Cards, Bookmarks, Print Books, eBooks, Clothing, Posters, Gift Cards, and mystery accessories.

Readers: Join us anytime between 12am and 11:59pm on April 20th to explore all type of genre of Vampire Books. You might just find wonderful gifts for your friends, family and yourself! Many of the VBR Authors will be giving away prizes as well.

I’ll be doing a Special Giveaway as well: one lucky commenter will receive a fantastic promo package including a first-run signed copy (reserved) of my coming release, Wind and Shadow: Book One of the Talbot Trilogy, as well as a notebook, a mug, a pen, a t-shirt, and a magnet, with some mystery goodies!


See you on April 20th at Coffee Time Romance!