NaNoWriMo — Day Seven!


When I first started doing National Novel Writing Month in 2011, it was really really hard. I found that I was challenged to meet my minimum word goal each night, dragging at first, but I had barely a clue as to where my story was going.

This time, I have a fairly detailed outline to follow. And I’m moving much faster with it, which feels great! In fact, I’m having a hard time keeping to my schedule — I don’t want to burn out, so I’m pacing myself, but there are moments when I don’t want to stop.

Writing is such a madness, such an addiction… You develop such real feelings for the people living in your head, whose adventures are spelled out on your pages. I feel so badly for the individuals who go through such awful situations, but I know that the sun will shine for them in the end. So I’m cruel to be kind, right?

I must be nuts.

I Won! I Won! I Won! (Happy Dance)

I completed Blood and Fire: Book Two of the Talbot Trilogy!

Supportive readers always help!

One of my dear friends, Kate, posted this recently on Facebook in response to my question on how she liked the draft pieces I had sent her, as I work away on my NaNoWriMo novel (Book Two of the Talbot Trilogy: Blood and Fire)… I so depend on her to keep me going!

Here’s what Kate said, about my writing:

I crave more dammit.
Also, I know you sent me just bits and pieces but the way it’s set up, jumping from group to group, would be kinda a neat thing to do in terms of style and structure, but only for getting them all to talbot. It adds …umm …what’s the word I’m searching for… Intensity ? I found myself wanting to read faster and wanting more .. Sucked in… I’m struggling to find the words at 1am but you know what I mean? I think you should switch to that structure but just to get all the groups to Talbot and even as the hunters meet up with Charlotte and then there is two groups together forming one group. Then you get pike finding ray. There is another group formed. Then the good vamps(Matt and Andrea) and then the bad vamps ( Susie and Jason and their plans). Then you get De Sade and then the werewolves. So it’ll tricky to get it all working and flowing right but if anyone can do it properly, it’s you. Just my opinion though. I feel like It adds the “edge of your seat” effect. When I was reading it, I was getting pumped the wolves were heading out, pumped pike is searching for rayvin, pumped the hunters are on their way. So much toget pumped for the way the today bits are set up haha. Ok. Done ranting haha. I’m starting to ramble.

Love you, Katey-bear!

NaNoWriMo-ing it up!

And the stress is starting to get to me already…

I’ve given myself the challenge of completing the novel I began during last year’s National Novel Writing Month. I think I blocked out how frustrating it can be to become lost in the writing, only to be jerked out of the fantasy world by the needs of my kiddies.

Working on my novel, tweaking and rewriting bits from last year on a fairly regular schedule, is actually good for me. I do wish, however, that I had a quiet place to work. I tend to sit on my couch in the living room — it’s just more comfortable than working in my bedroom, plus when my husband’s not home it’s better to be visible to the kids. But it’s very frustrating, too.

NaNoWriMo update!

So far, so awesome! I set myself an ambitious goal, but it’s been a good week. Over 18,000 words in my 30-day novel project. I’m starting to find it hard to stop after 3,000 words each night. But next week, monthly progress reports and then midterm report cards have to be done. I have to watch my time and my priorities. Plus, my daughter’s sixth birthday party has to start coming together. I may have left it a bit too late to book a party location. (gasp — six little girls in our tiny living room…please let there be room at a spa for six mini-manis and pedis!). I’m kind of torn on the manis and pedis for little girls, but when I was six, I loved having my nails painted. I remember having this temporary nail polish that I could peel off when I got tired of it. (It was probably toxic as hell, but anyway…) And then there’s Christmas. Some of my colleagues have already been shopping. Sending or receiving cards. I can’t even think about it yet. I broached the idea of doing a home-made-gift-only Christmas, to be more responsible with our extremely limited income, but hubby didn’t like it. He seems to feel it would be too hard for the kids. Hmm. I disagree, but then again, I’ve left it a bit late to start the hand-made gifts. I can cross-stitch a mean tiny quilt patch, or a wee logo from a favorite sports team or tv show, but if I end up juggling that with this book, on top of birthday party and school responsibilities, there’s a very real possibility that my head may explode. Plus, I still have to get an IRS W-7 or W-9 or whatever for Melange Books, which is difficult in Canada.
Is it any wonder that writing is becoming a bit addictive? It’s a wonderful escape. I really love the app I’m using, Novel in 30. It gives you little pick-me-up quotes every time you go in to work, tells you if you’re ahead or behind schedule, gets you to post little announcements on your progress on FB. Little things like that are helpful. Encouraging. And, sending updates regularly to my main reader, Kate. She’s awesome, reading everything I send and commenting on it. I find that if it’s not just me — if I’m pushing myself so someone else can enjoy or yell at me for what’s happening in the book — it makes me want to do more. I look forward to her comments, praise, and complaints every day. Gets me going!

National Write A Novel Month — NaNoWriMo

So I’m taking a leap this year and doing NaNoWriMo! Crazy woman that I am, committing to at least 1,667 words per night for thirty days, and already upping the ante, challenging myself to do more. I’m doing 3,000 words each night, aiming for 90,000 in order to have Book 2 of the Talbot Trilogy match Book 1. Book 1 is done, but needs editing. Yay, me!