Pick up your copy of this most excellent anthology!

Many Voices: An Anthology of Student Writings

Written by the Students in Writer's Craft at KLDCS, 2012-2013

Written by the Students in Writer’s Craft at KLDCS, 2012-2013

Paperback: http://www.amazon.com/Many-Voices-Anthology-Student-Writings/dp/1482520028/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361839986&sr=8-1&keywords=many+voices+an+anthology+of+student+writings

Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Many-Voices-Anthology-Writings-ebook/dp/B00BEMNAW8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1361839986&sr=8-2&keywords=many+voices+an+anthology+of+student+writings

I know the writers of this anthology — they are wonderful! And the proceeds are going to charity: SickKids Foundation, to support the best children’s hospital in North America.