Random summer project coming: me vs thrift store art!

Ever since I heard about these artists who have been creatively augmenting thrift-store art, I’ve been dying to try my hand at the fun, even though I basically suck at drawing. I’m about as good as I was when I was 13.

This, for example, is one of the “involuntary collaboration” pieces done by Chris McMahon:


Swamp Monster, by Chris McMahon

And here is another, one of the “Thrift Pix” created by Thyrza Segal:

August 19 2014_0026.tif

Untitled (as far as I know) by Thyrza Segal

I love the idea of breathing new, quirky, strange, eccentric, sci-fi/fantasy, paranormal life into these paintings. I tried having some of my students throw some random characters into a thrift store painting I’d happened to rescue from the garbage, but they didn’t quite get it — they ended up finger-painting it into a dark mess. (If I remember, I’ll take a pic of it to show you tomorrow, and update this blog.)

Here it is! 


The trouble and the challenge is that I’m not nearly as good at creating the impression of the third dimension as I’d need to be to even come close to McMahon and Segal’s awesomeness. I’ll just do it for fun, maybe in small bits here and there. Tiny creeping creatures peering around from trees, or forming images in the ground. Living landscapes, maybe.

Whatever I end up doing, it will have a horror theme to it — horrible to look at, no doubt, as well as creepy. Horror-comedy.

And then the question will be what to do with my new objet-d’art? Not sure. Take a photo, share it, maybe pop it onto Regretsy as a lark. Keep to give as a gag gift? Have a grand art-burning performance piece in the backyard? No, not that last one. But maybe asking someone with a jigsaw to cut it into a puzzle — that might be fun, too. Oooh, and then use the pieces to make a mosaic on a piece of furniture! Now that, I could definitely get behind!


“No” by Chris McMahon

toddler and kitty_0002.tif

Toddler and Kitty by Thyrza Segal

Just seems like a really fun and relatively harmless way to do some creative mischief. Like taking thrift store stuffed animals and zombifying them. Hey . . .

They make money off of these at UndeadTeds.com!!!

They make money off of these at UndeadTeds.com!!!


Hm . . . definitely would have to use thrift store stuffies, though. Not sure my daughter could quite take me doing that to her playthings, even if she doesn’t play with them anymore.

(Somewhere, in the universe, Margery Williams is shuddering . . . “Not my Velveteen Rabbit!”)