The crazy stuff my subconscious comes up with…

This dream (the last one I had before I got up this morning) started off like a number of mine do, in a familiar location.
I’m travelling through Orillia, Ontario, searching for a friend to say hello to on my way back home, when I discover that the city has actually been built next to a volcano and that there is some kind of group — it seems like a cult — that has been coercing poor citizens into selling their homes in the blocks near the lake. I witness two uniformed individuals trying to convince a confused elderly lady into giving up her beautiful century home for a fraction of its value. I think, that’s odd . . . And then I find out that PX (Person X, Supervillain) has control of the volcano and is about to unleash its contents because (he says) the area needs to be reshaped for spiritual reasons. He’s got a lot of followers — I mean, hundreds — but somehow I have intel through a group of informants that it’s a James Bond-esque money grab: the lava flow will destroy old properties and force people to have to invest in his new housing projects on the other side of a big lake.

Also, it seems that the city is really part of a large futuristic complex of old and new buildings. And it’s on an archipelago. Weird.

I doubt that there’s anything I can do about it — I’m just a trainee in my field and I’m really all alone.

I also seem to look a lot like Kevin Bacon. Whatev.

But the disaster is already starting to happen! The volcano is spitting out lava bombs, and that lovely little old lady’s house explodes.

I have to do something. I am Merlin, after all. (Apparently, I’ve been reincarnated — or I’ve watched The Sorcerer’s Apprentice one too many times.) And like Chuck Bartowski, I send a message to the small group of informants that I’m stepping up my training.

Meanwhile, the barrage of lava bombs continues, earthquakes are freaking out the populace, and they’re evacuating. The sky is black with smoke and the ground is cracking. There isn’t much time. I’m on a train travelling toward the volcano, but the tracks suddenly plunge underwater. We make it through, and pass close by the walls of a steep ravine. I can see the lava passing by the top, the rock of the ravine acting like a dam but dangerously close to spilling over onto the houses below. The train comes to a stop at a rock fall and has to reverse back, but I know it’s time to get out. A couple of other people including a girl in her 20s with long straight blonde hair join me, knowing I’m about to risk my life to stop the volcano.

So I go inside, and while before I was training with a sword (at which point I looked like Robert Pattinson — so weird), now I’ve got a camera with a flash so as to take PX’s men off-guard. The flash reveals a magical shield over the tunnel entrance. I turn to tell the others to go back without me while I handle things, but then the girl steps through the shield, revealing that somehow she is magical, too.

The guards are taken aback but lead us to the main part of the secret lair, in which there are . . . wait for it . . . babies! There’s a freaking daycare with a big wading pool and several babies of varying ages, and I’m worried that they’re being set up for sacrifice to the volcano, but that’s not the case. They’re part of an experiment in genetic engineering. The Big Bad is also planning to start replacing the surviving population with these babies.

The villain takes us further into the lab where he figures out that the blonde girl who accompanied him is his granddaughter (he’s never met her before). He has a heart attack, knowing she’s in danger, and his guards carry him off for medical attention.

The volcano rumbles. His guards attack me, and then I turn into Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor (curiously, dressed as the 3rd Doctor at first, but I remove the wig and throw off the cloak), and I run to the machinery responsible for directing the lava flow. He’s got several options for different flows. I redirect it into the body of water nearby, away from the population, but eventually the chamber will be destroyed in the process.

The blonde girl opens the forcefield so our other helpers can come in, and we start hoisting the babies into the ventilation system to make our escape.

Aaaaand that’s where I woke up.

I read somewhere that dreaming about lava and volcanoes represents deep anger about something. But in my dream, I’m taking action about it, so that’s something. Sometimes it’s irritating that the locations go back to places I’ve already lived, familiar roads and streets over and over again — like I’m stuck moving in place. I know when I’m stressed I dream about tornadoes.

I do like being different characters in these subconscious adventures, but I wish they’d quit changing their faces mid-stream!

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