Proofreading Slang: Writing Conundrum No. 64

Here’s a writing style conundrum for you all to mull over: When you’re writing in multiple perspectives throughout a story, changing points of view from chapter to chapter (and sometimes within a chapter), how much should that affect your style / adherence to the conventions of language?

My main issue right now (making progress in proofreading Crystal and Wand)┬áis that among the slang terms and swear words that my characters use is “God / god”, and the capitalization changes according to the perspective of the narrative. At least, that’s what I think I did. I’m going to have to check back through ALL of the dialogue and inner thought pieces to see if I’m right or if I just wasn’t paying attention at the time of the writing. But I know that some characters are more likely to use the proper name construction, and others are prone to the regular noun.

Next time, I’ll make note of the use of language with each character in the prep sheets. Take more time to consider the idiosyncrasies of each character’s speech and world view. For now, it’s just one more thing I have to take a few hours to comb through, just to make sure everything is consistent.