Removing Distractions

I finally had to delete Solitaire from my iPad last night…shades of university, I had to remove it from my computer then, too. It becomes an impulse — as soon as I think about writing, I tell myself that I’ll just start with a quick game, and then an hour goes by. So I’ve removed temptation altogether.

I’ve also noticed that I tend to get better ideas when I’m trying to fall asleep, but I don’t like turning on the light because I don’t want to disturb my partner. Plus, with a five year old who is a morning person, I can’t pull all-nighters anymore, no matter how tempting that thought is. I always prefer working at night, when it’s dark out — there is something comforting, or focusing, when you are surrounded by dark. Maybe I get inspired when I am in bed because I am more relaxed. Working in the backyard also helps, though I need more shade…my last outdoor writing session resulted in some sunburn. I did have sunscreen on, but not enough or I needed to reapply it. I watched a design show that featured a beautiful outdoor writing space. That is a dream of mine, though I’m just as happy with a blanket and a notebook and pen, or my laptop or this iPad…just something to write with. My only real need, when writing outside, is shade and a little table for my tea. Maybe I should ask him to build a low table, Japanese-style.