Now Available! Book Two of the Talbot Trilogy: Blood and Fire

Coming February 12!

Coming February 12!

What chance does one witch have against five vampires? Alone, not much. But Rayvin’s allies are gathering . . .
The battle between good and evil supernatural forces heats up in the long, cold November nights of the former mining town. But how will Rayvin’s motley crew of spellcasters and shapeshifters cope when they discover the threat they face is even greater than they imagined?

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Interview on The Romance Radio Network!

Please enjoy my latest online talk, with Desmond Haas, and leave a comment or a question, if you like.

I recorded this on one of our last beautiful sunny days in October of 2013, sitting in my backyard with the grass under my feet and the leaves skittering on warm breezes around me.

It was a real pleasure to chat with Desmond for a little while, and I truly enjoyed the experience. What a nice memory to have in the middle of the dark and cold Northern Ontario winter!

Romance Radio Network Interview


Mist and Midnight now available from Melange Books!

Mist and Midnight now available from Melange Books!


Stalked by a cruel and relentless vampire, Charlotte is on the run. Fleeing the city, the powers of magick her only protection, she couldn’t afford to fall for the hot modern prospector Pike Mahonen. Can she avoid temptation in a small town, to keep them both safe?

Find out how the vampire was trapped underground in this prequel to The Talbot Trilogy!

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Wind and Shadow: Book One of the Talbot Trilogy


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Book Review: Que Sera, Sera by Leitha Cholette


What a sweet book this is… Entirely unexpected, and entirely beautiful. The two stories within are jewels, glowing with truth both painful and lovely. This is real romance, in the manner of The Notebook, Just Like Heaven, and Steel Magnolias — memorable, recognizable, told simply with carefully chosen words. And the book itself is pretty, a small paperback that fits exactly in the hand, decorated with specially chosen graphics and a gorgeous cover. It’s a real treat of a book, this set of novellas in one volume, and I look forward to the next instalment by this wonderful storyteller. 

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Book Review: Blood of Luna, by Maya DeLeina


There was so much to enjoy about this juicy, naughty, spicy erotic romance… It was truly my guilty pleasure last month, heating up the last cold month of winter. Maya DeLeina offers up a delightfully ambitious serving of sensual delights combined with unexpected and fascinating plot twists. She delivers a wholly original treatment of vampires — difficult to achieve successfully in today’s literary world — and took me away from my landscape of snow and ice to the gorgeous beaches, mysterious caves, and heady pleasures of Hawaii with her beautiful descriptions.

I don’t normally read erotica, but delving into DeLeina’s words was like indulging in an exotic chocolate dessert while lounging on silken cushions by the pool, or bathing in a luxurious bubble bath… And I have to say that my favourite character was Icky, the snake. DeLeina’s depiction of Luna’s exotic pet is beautiful — the animal is the best treated fictional invertebrate I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about, bringing me back to my own daydreams of having an in-house terrarium for a nice big snake.

If you decide to pick up this instalment of her Naughty Vampire series, make sure you have a lovely glass of wine and a candle lit for ambience. And a fan, for the really steamy bits. ;)

Caution: this is NOT a safe romance! Explicit, graphic imagery is involved.

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Book Review: In Celebration of Elastic Waistbands, by Christee Gabour Atwood


I feel like Christee Gabour Atwood has been peeking into my life and taking notes. Honestly, there was so much I was able to appreciate and commiserate with in her tales, it felt like I was almost meeting my doppelgänger.

Once I got used to the style of the book — short, column-length chapters that were a comfortable length to read with tired eyes — I gobbled it up whenever I could. I really enjoyed her humour, her Erma Bombeck-esque take on life, career, home, and fur-babies. I am going to order a copy of this book for my mother, and probably get copies for some of my friends. This is the Rubber Chicken for the Soul. When I feel surrounded by perfect moms with hotel-clean houses and organized lives, this book is going to remind me that a) only a small proportion of North American women are like that, and b) most of them are on TV. Christee Gabour Atwood is welcome in my dog-hair, comfortably cluttered home, anytime. I may even have to frame some of her words of wisdom, immortalizing her proverbs in cross-stitch, because I honestly love them that much. Plus, cross-stitch is a great way to avoid mopping, folding laundry, dishes…

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Book Review: Blood and Fire (The Talbot Trilogy) by Tori L. Ridgewood

Book Review: Blood and Fire (The Talbot Trilogy) by Tori L. Ridgewood.

Absolutely blown away by this wonderful review… completely made my day. :D

Coping with Snowbird Parents

The folks are off again, on another adventure down in sunny Florida. It’s not the first time they’ve gone walk-about — or, rather, drive-about — but for some reason it seems to get a little more stressful every time. For starters, my mother will call right before they go with a message of love and the location of their vital information, just in case. And occasionally, they’ve gone away while I’ve been in the throes of pregnancy hormones. But I’ve decided, I need to compile a list of things to do when the retirees are gone to play on holiday.

1) Itinerary — it’s lovely for the ‘rents to provide a detailed list of places and dates. Not only is it helpful for explaining to their grandchildren why Poppa and Gramma can’t call them over a lost tooth, it’s a bit of a comfort for the adult child, too. I like knowing where my mom and dad are, and what route they’re taking, especially when there’s bad weather on the news.

2) Wine. Or tea. Your comfort beverage of choice. Coupled with chocolate and deep breaths. They’re adults, they’ve looked after themselves for this long. Just because there seem to be more stories in the news of people going missing on cruises, faces being eaten off in the Panhandle, horrible traffic accidents in unseasonably snowy conditions . . . *gulps comforting beverage*

3) Engage them on social media. My mom is on the cusp of becoming comfortable with Facebook, and Dad uses it occasionally. I like being able to keep in touch with them via updates and photographs. It goes back to wanting to know they’re on track and everything is fine. Did I mention, they’re grown adults who can look after themselves?

4) Distractions in the form of favourite movies, books, little day trips, whatever takes the image of the parents travelling far from their safety zone and dumps it into a little holding tank. For me, it’s alternating between Doctor Who, How I Met Your MotherCastleLost Girl, and most recently, Sherlock (BBC). 

For all of you whose dear pre-spring (get it? ‘Cause I’m their off-spring? Or should it be on-spring? Progenitors?) are on a travel binge, I’m there with you. 

50 Animated Gifs for Every Situation Ever


GIFs make me so happy… It’s the little things, of course!

Originally posted on TwistedSifter:


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an animated gif must be worth some kind of number I can’t even begin to comprehend. If you’ve ever found yourself browsing the Internet and felt compelled to respond with a witty reply, only to come up: wow, mind. blown., golf clap, etc. Then these animated gifs are for you!

With the simple copy and paste of one of the images below you can make your feelings resonate while bathing in the adulation of Internet pundits the world over.

This is the Sifter’s seventh installment of the Awesome Animated Gif Series. If you’re a fan of animated gifs you may want to check out the other installments for more animated excellence. Enjoy!



1. When your mind is blown



2. When you’re feeling sarcastic



3. When you’re feeling proud of yourself




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