Hello, Kobo!

I’m so happy! My very own e-reader just arrived in the mail – incredibly quick, and I love the look of it. Kind of wish that I had actually sprung for the case, though – I fear for getting scratches. And I was hoping that more of my pdf purchases would transfer – I’m going to try using a memory card, so I can put my Outlander series on it. I flipflopped back and forth for the longest time – Kobo, or Sony, or Ipad? What a price difference, I know… And I’m not especially keen on Kindle, I don’t like the keyboard a whole lot. I’m happier with something more simple. And the iPad – I’m holding out a bit longer for generation 2.

I’m liking the fonts on the Kobo, though the screen is a bit darker than I had thought. Probably to reduce eyestrain. I’m going to enjoy carrying it in my purse, though – easy reading, whenever and wherever, right?

Plus, I’ve read reviews on both Kobo and iPad – I like that the Kobo is antiglare for reading outside, and I know that outdoor use is one of the iPad’s weaknesses. So there is a method to my madness!

The dark of winter approaches…

A month ago, I was more optimistic that I would complete my first full novel by Christmas… It’s harder to remain hopeful in the demands of work and home, particularly when the sun disappears earlier and the temperature is dropping.  Also, there’s normally about six inches of snow on the ground at this point, and it’s grey and rainy instead… the opposite of inspiring.  I wish to hibernate instead.  But writing this for you, dear Internet, renews me a little – makes me want to dive back into Rayvin’s story.  But when I have papers to mark, and a house to clean, and children to feed, the writing cannot be a priority, which is my biggest frustration.  And I have more ideas to pursue, as well, for other novels and short stories.  When to find the time!

I’m also trying to be optimistic, remembering that in only six months, my first novella will be published in the Vampire Thirsts Anthology by Melange…  sometimes, it seems so very far away.  I pull out my contract and look at it again, to remind myself.

I recently watched through the whole Avatar: The Last Airbender series, and my family and I have now become hooked.  It’s such a fantastic series – truly epic, ageless, and appealing to all ages.  I want to write like that.